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  • Who is steve odette and why do I want his help?

    For over fifteen years I've been online doing the copy, marketing, coaching, content creation and even developing the software to help people make money online - I've also owned many offline businesses - so, who am I?  The guy who can help you get results.

  • What's on the next page?

    A simple video with a mind map explaining all of the things you need to put together to create a successful online business and how I can help you... and, a link to a page that shares an application to meet with me for free... yup, free.

  • how much does this cost?

    Nothing.  Sharing your information and watching the video on the next page is free - except for the time it takes you to watch the video.  No hidden agendas, no hard pitches - just great information to help you.

You've got amazing ideas, experiences, education, expertise or passion and it's time you took center stage.  However, where do you begin?  What do you need to do first and HOW do you get it done?  Learning more new crap and buying more courses to show you "how to" do more stuff isn't going to help you because you're already drowning in that ocean!  What's the solution then?  You need help, not just advice, but actual, do it with you and do it for you, help.  Watch the video on the next page to see why you feel confused and overwhelmed and discover what you can do about it starting today.

  • Steve, your free video training helped me understand why I felt so overwhelmed and underwater all the time.  I just couldn't understand why marketers kept talking about how easy it was when I kept hitting brick walls every time I turned around.  Thank you for the free info, I look forward to working with you once I get the funds saved up.

    Gracie, Anonymous (from email)
  • I've watched Steve grow his online business now for over two decades and have seen and spoken with folks he's helped over the years.  Not only do these people appreciate Steve's sincerity, experience, knowledge and skills helping them with everything from copywriting to dealing with family, but they stick with him, as I have, because of his rare ability to care deeply and his strong value of delivering results, not promises.  I'm his friend and a past employee (for over two decades!), not a client but asked if I could leave this comment here because I want you to know who Steve is and why there is nobody better to help you.

    David Lugo, Friend and past employee
  • In just an hour on the phone Steve helped us to understand our business better than years of trying to figure it out on our own.  We mapped out an empire and even selected the most important tasks that led us to immediate profits we could build off of quickly.  Steve is a brainstorming master - if nothing else, take advantage of picking his brain whenever you can, you'll be happy you do.

    The Tapp Brothers, Parkour Academy
  • Steve started as a brick and mortar business owner having nearly two decades owning a successful janitorial business, two salons, a tutoring franchise and finally, over a decade as a real estate investor, trainer and coach.  For the past fifteen years he's been online, coaching, copywriting, developing software and helping people make money online and offline.  If you are looking for experience and someone who delivers results with integrity, honesty and sometimes a firm resolve - Steve is your guy and his team is great as well.  Get this guy on your side, both you and your business will be glad.

    Art Remnet, Offline marketer, Internet Marketer, coach

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the information for beginners?

Yes and no.  Because what we're offering you is help, you can use our expertise to get your business set up.  There are some pretty complex things involved in this internet marketing stuff but we can do the heavy lifting with or for you.

How long does it take to create my course or site?

This depends on how much of the work you already have done or how much needs to be created from scratch.  In some cases, we can have courses and sites, programs and services up in a couple weeks, most take about 90 days.

Does the information cost any money?

No.  The video and training you get is free when you share your name and email with us.  However, our free information could be priceless for your business and it's not "Free" stuff, it's very helpful and valuable info for free.

What are the qualifications of folks you work with?

Generally, we work with individuals or companies who have an existing list of customers already and who have enough resources to invest in getting their products, courses, services, membership sites and coaching put together.

Does having an internet business cost money?

Yes.  All businesses require at least two types of investment; money and time, minimum.  We believe that outsourcing is critical to your success and will save you a great deal of time but money is needed to do this.

Will I make money online?

There are no guarantees or answers for this question we can give you.  If you can solve a problem or provide value for an audience who is looking for what you have to offer, however, then you're on the right track.

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