If it Sounds Too Good...

If it sounds too good to be true...

I hate cliche's but sometimes they make the point and just tell the truth.

I've been doing this online marketing, website building, copywriting, affiliate marketing, coaching, software development thing now for nearly two decades... more, if you consider my real estate business, which was where all of this started for me (generating leads online).

In those twenty years I've made a lot of money online - and lost even more in my other businesses.  It's been a long, wild, ride.

In my safe I've got over four terabytes of hard drives full of internet marketing products, programs, software, books, courses, systems and a crapload of, well... crap, as well.  This industry has changed so much over the years.

It's a fast moving world, this online business, internet thing.  

The appeal of starting a business with very little out of pocket that could potentially replace your annual income working a lot less doing something you love is addictive.  The idea itself keeps people awake at night, and it should because the dream can be a reality... but, it's not easy and it's not for everyone.

If you believe anyone can do the online business thing and succeed - you are wrong.  Lazy people with nothing of value to offer an audience who is hungry will not do well online or offline.  Anyone who thinks she can simply pop online, put up a website and start making thousands of dollars every month without working at it is mistaken, sadly, badly mistaken.

If you buy products and programs because you believe the sales pitch that "it's easy, anyone can do this, you will make a bazillion dollars in a week, there is no technical knowledge needed, your copy is already done for you, you don't have to even have a product or website or talent or skill... blah, blah, blah - needs to pull her head out of that dark place she sits upon.

Nothing is ever easy. Period.  The only things that SEEM easy likely took many years of practice, learning, development and effort to perfect.  Professionals make everything they do look easy - because they've mastered a skill over years and years of doing the HARD WORK first.

Stop believing the hype - all business takes work, time, effort and skill of some kind. If you aren't willing to do the work, learn the methods, invest time and money in the business and if you have nothing to offer the world - you need to get these things right BEFORE getting started in any business.  

Stop believing the bullshit... start doing the work.

If you are willing to do the work, put in the time and money, learn the systems, methods, develop the skills and if you have something of value to offer the world, even a small audience - then business, online or offline, is for you.  You are on the road to becoming an entrepreneur.  

Keep learning, be bold, don't be afraid of failing - in fact, embrace failure as a tool to let you know what doesn't work and get up off your ass after being knocked down - get back in the ring and start swinging again.  If you throw enough punches, you'll connect eventually.

And please stop believing those who tell you it's easy - it isn't.  It's all hard, until you understand that it only gets easy after you learn, understand, put in the time, money and effort to develop skills that make it all look easy - because you invested in developing yourself and your business.

If the Easy Button worked - we'd all be millionaires sitting on the beach while our bank accounts grew and all of those internet marketers from the past two decades who sold me that crap on my hard drives would still be in business bragging about how "easy" it all was.  

Most of them are gone, nowhere to be found online or in business.

They sold the "Easy, too good to be true!" packages that sucked the money out of everyone's pockets then they disappeared, probably running from the IRS or worse yet - people still trying to get refunds.

Just get your head out of your ass and understand anything worth doing takes work, effort, investment and skill.  

The sooner you accept this - the faster you'll actually begin building success online and creating that dream business that will not only replace your day job, but in a grand way exceed it in every measure.  

You can have your own business and an amazing income with a great deal of financial and personal freedom but - it takes work.  Put in the work, it's worth it. 

Start doing the work - stop anything that says you don't have to work, learn, invest or develop.  None of that works or lasts. Building on a solid foundation works - provided you never give up, never quit and always keep growing and learning.

Forward, ever forward.





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