Launch Dates and Update

First, happy holidays to everyone!
It's that crazy time of year when time seems to be moving forward so much faster (for me anyway).  
My advice? Remain relaxed, stay focused on people, family, kids, etc. and not THINGS, remember to enjoy your down time and to be patient at all times, keep your happiness and protect your joy - do your best, after all, what else can you do?
For me this is another reminder that time moves forward so quickly, even if you wish it didn't.  It seems that years just fly by anymore.  Do you feel this way also?
My family and I did a very small Thanksgiving - I even worked half of the day, helping a few coaching clients with their projects and doing some writing of my own.  We'll likely keep it small for the rest of the holidays this year as well.
My wife is truly a blessing - she, like me, isn't  tangled in all of the hype around holidays, birthdays, etc. and she keeps us all anchored and focused on family, not things.  I am so fortunate.
Hopefully, your own holidays are running smoothly and you are remaining calm, cool and collected - smiling through all of the insanity. 
Rapid Member Pro - Update
Rapid Member Pro just keeps getting better and better - we've been building new features and enhancing existing features at break-neck speed behind the scenes.
Over five years now and more money than I care to discuss here, have gone into developing this platform... (four years have been developing and offering Rapid Residual Pro, our self-hosted solution, which was the initial premise for Rapid Member Pro's amazing platform) and the past year developing Rapid Member Pro.
Finally, we are almost ready to release this powerful platform to the public.
Here is our launch schedule as it stands today:
  • December 15th, quiet, private, beta-testing launch.This is reserved for a group of folks on our Priority Notification List who've expressed an interest in giving honest feedback and testing the platform fully before we launch.  If you want to devote serious time and effort into helping make this platform the best it can be for you, opt-in to our Priority Notification List by going to's home page and filling out the form.  I'll keep you posted and let you know what the requirements are to be a beta tester.
  • January 2nd - Public Soft Launch.  What is a "Soft Launch?"  This is a no-fanfare, no mega-launch, prerelease of Rapid Member Pro to those who've been waiting and who want to get started using this incredible platform.  I'll still be writing user manuals, doing user videos and getting feedback from beta testers and this group as well and we have over a hundred new features we'll be adding before the official public launch in March. 
  • March 1st - Official Public Launch! - This is when we begin our full blown, all out marketing and promotions effort and when the core program and central marketplaces, etc. are all added or at least functional and primarily completed.  Around this time we'll also be opening the platform to developers who are interested in creating their own plugins and add-ons for the platform and adding these for sale to our user community.
This is our goal... and, even the public launch in March will likely not be a massive event because I like to grow slowly enough to help people who come aboard.
I'll be offering regular, live, training as well on our conference software to answer questions and talk about marketing, RMP and your sites and goals.  I'm really looking forward to this part of the business and can't wait to get to know you better at the live events.
For now, if you have any questions, please feel free to use our contact us page or post comments below... I'll get back with you quickly with a reply.
Thank you so much for your interest in Rapid Member Pro and for taking the time to visit.
See you inside soon!
"Dedicated To Your Success..." 
Steven Odette Owner of Rapid Member Pro 
 Warmest Regards, 
Steven J. Odette Signature 
Steve Odette
Rapid Member Pro
About the Author: Steven J. Odette is an in-demand copywriter and business coach who specializes in helping his clients improve sales letter conversions and set-up Fixed Term Membership sites using his very cool membership software and affiliate program management systems; Rapid Member Pro and Rapid Residual Pro. Check them out by going to; and   

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