Questions Suck...

No Questions?

"This is a no-question zone!"
Uhm, NOT.  
How ridiculous is that idea for a business?  
Questions are what ENGAGE clients with you and your products or ideas, telling people not to ask questions is a very, very bad policy.
Worse yet, to me, are those online entrepreneurs who have the goal of owning a business that runs itself and has no management or customer responsibilities.  
Recently, I had a client tell me her goal was to "...own a hands off business that generates $10k a month or more in residual income while she spends her time with her kids and on vacations and doing "church" work."
She went on to say that she "Wants a business where she doesn't get any questions from customers or complaints or refunds..." basically, in my mind, she wanted an annuity, alimony check, lottery winning or SOMETHING else, but not a business.
Questions are the heart of my business... even complaints because if I'm not getting questions and complaints, I don't have customers or engaged customers anyway.
Engaged, actively consuming, THINKING customers make my days great.  Nothing get's me more frustrated and excited than a customer who's found a flaw, discovered a user issue, has a criticism, posts a challenging comment or sends me an email telling me about a challenge or problem they are having.  I love getting frustrated and excited - both (yeah, I'm a little strange that way... lol).
I don't always agree with these folks... in fact, sometimes I upset folks so much that they don't do business with me any longer because they don't like what I have to say to them or how I answer their questions.  I've been told that I need to develop more tact - Bah! I tell it how I see it and use the language I use to do it with the emotions I have to feel it.  If people can't deal with that, they need to find someone else to smother them in "feel good." I'm talking truth.
Truth, sometimes, hurts.
I don't white-wash crap or polish it up or deliver it sweetly but I do share things how I see them, based on EXPERIENCE, not opinions. If my experiences offend and people choose to live in their delusions, whose problem is that?
Asking questions means you are adult enough to hear the answers.
You need to accept that if you ask questions, you may end up getting answers you aren't happy with.
If you ask your wife if she is cheating on you - you better be willing to deal with the truth if she is having an affair.
If you ask your boss at work why you aren't getting promotions - you should be ready to hear criticisms that are her opinions about what's holding you back.
If you ask me why you aren't making the money you want to make and I explain that online business is no different than any other business - you have to work at it for the business to succeed and more than likely you'll need to fail a whole lot before you succeed... you should be willing to consider this as a fact or at least the possibility of truth.
I'm not always right - truth is, last year I think I set a new record for being wrong about a lot of things.  But, if you had bet money on the decisions I made, even with all of my wrong decisions, you'd have come out on top and you would have made a hell of a lot of money.  
I'm more right than I am wrong because I base my answers to your questions on experience and study, not personal opinions.
Questions are what keep you moving forward, what help you to grow, how you evolve.
But, being willing to accept the answers is even more critical, in my experience.
I know people who keep asking the same questions to dozens of people until they find someone who gives them the answer they WANT TO HEAR.  These folks need to grow up because they'll never grow at all if they keep this up.
Are you afraid to ask the tough questions because you feel the answers may conflict with your personal beliefs or values or goals?  Are you afraid that the truth may cause you heartache or ruin a relationship?  Would you rather live in a delusion feeling nothing than know the truth and be sad or broken - even if only for a while?
Without your questions, feedback, complaints, comments, suggestions and without our great conversations over Skype or the phone, even when we don't agree, my businesses would not exist today and I would never have grown, never have evolved, never have striven to learn more, be better, improve and evolve - which all benefit you, if you are willing to put your feelings at risk and grow.  
Rapid Member Pro would never have happened either.
Your questions and feedback make our business better.  
Your complaints and constructive criticisms help us make this program the absolute best it can be for YOU.
There are no dumb questions, only dumb answers.
I'll always do my best to answer your questions with the facts, as I know or understand them, based on my experiences or I'll qualify when I'm only giving you an opinion, deal?  
However, it's your job to be big enough to hear the answers and consider them - or not.  Just remember, if you don't consider the answers or if you are just looking for confirmation of some flawed paradigm or idea you have, maybe you should move on to someone else or keep your day job.  
Growth hurts - that's why they call it "growing pains."
Ask the questions, consider the answers, trust but verify and do your own homework.  In the end, you'll be a better person for the asking.
Questions rule... questions are how you learn, grow, evolve, improve, move forward.  
Being willing to consider the answers, accept them when they are right, and change, if necessary for you to move forward, is the hard part.
You're strong enough, you can handle the truth, you want to grow and have an incredible life.  
Start asking the questions and getting the answers now.
Always, with your best interests at heart... 
"Dedicated To Your Success..." 
Steven Odette Owner of Rapid Member Pro  
  Warmest Regards, 
Steven J. Odette Signature 
  Steve Odette
  Rapid Member Pro
About the Author: Steven J. Odette is an in-demand copywriter and business coach who specializes in helping his clients improve sales letter conversions and set-up Fixed Term Membership sites using his very cool membership software and affiliate program management systems; Rapid Member Pro and Rapid Residual Pro. Check them out by going to; and now!  

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