Social Media is NOT the Savior of Marketing


I've been saying it for years but people sometimes get offended by my opinions.
My opinions are, after all, just experienced perspectives - which I acknowledge. Truth is relative, they say.
Still, the numbers just don't pan out, the statistics don't support the common opinions, the babble of the masses, who all support social media as a viable marketing channel... incorrectly, in most cases.
Social media is about social engagement - gossiping about friends, coworkers and famous people and passing along funny videos - it's not about promoting brands.
Facts and statistics show, in fact, that social media marketing is not a profitable, proved, marketing device. 
If you want marketing that works, pay for it.
Here is a brilliant conversation by a contrarian copywriter, like myself... Mr. Bob Hoffman, regarding social media and branding marketing (another category of marketing I'd like to toss in the trash, personally, for 99.99999% of all of my clients who have sales of less than $5 Million annually).
Hope you enjoy... leave your comments, I'd love to see what you have to say regarding Bob's opinions and experiences.

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