Once again, progress on Rapid Member Pro is...

"Steve, where are you, what's going on with Rapid Member Pro and your other online businesses, how's progress, how's the family, are you still doing internet marketing or copywriting, etc....??"
I get these questions every week.
And, to answer them - yes, I'm still very actively marketing, creating, writing, coaching, taking care of my family and clients, and working very, very hard.
A lot has been happening over the past year and a half - some great, some good, some just necessary and, well, "Life happens" they say, right?
Working a LOT...
I've got full time responsibilities to clients, work, writing and creating courses, our software company, students and family - so much to get done and so much we are doing. 
Jim Collins, in his book "Good to Great" talks about how eggs don't get any attention until the chick's come out one day and hatch.  He explains that nobody notices the egg, just sitting there, looking like it's doing nothing, until it hatches.
Many of my businesses, courses, and upcoming programs are like that egg - a LOT OF WORK is going on inside of the shell you can't see right now, but when it all hatches, watch out - everything changes!
Soon, hopefully very soon.
I've talked with you about my reluctance to set dates and launch times for Rapid Member Pro or any of my other programs for that matter (all rely on RMP to launch first, I'm using the RMP platform for each of my new businesses moving forward).
I have goals, we have milestones, we have dates... but what is it they say about planning? "Planning is paramount... it's critical to plan (even though once the plan is done nobody looks at the plan again)" or something like that.
We are, every day, working on this incredible platform for you, there is an awful lot being done behind the scenes and once we launch, you are going to be amazed at the power of this wonderful platform for helping you get your businesses online and profiting.
Still... "Nothing is ever easy" as I say (often). It's my motto... and has proven itself true at every turn.
I am truly thankful for those of you who have peaked inside of RMP and let me know how much you love this software - and how much you are looking forward to us getting launched for you.
Thank you.
If you want to take a look around, let me know - I'll do a video for you or we can set a time to go through the program together on Skype and I'll walk you through the software, show you what's coming soon.
For those of you who are interested but who haven't seen inside or who don't know me personally yet - send me a Contact Us request, let's chat. I'll gladly share some of my experience with you on membership sites and online business also - not just RMP but anything you need an opinion on. This isn't something I am able to do for long, especially once RMP launches - I'll be working with members, clients, students and on my other sites in RMP and my time will be very limited.
But, if you want to chat, now is the time to connect!
As for RMP, give it some time - add yourself to the Priority Notification List on the home page - opt-in, get your free books and pay attention, you'll be the first to know what's coming with RMP.
And, soon... this will be critical.
We'll be running some very, very special opportunities to get started with RMP - offers we won't repeat again.
So, get on the list now (www.rapidmemberpro.com - opt into the list, get your free stuff!), pay attention and get ready - it's coming.
If you have specific quesitons - reach out, contact us using the Contact Us link above and we'll set up a time to talk.
For now, thank you for showing up, for your support, for reading a bit about our progress and your interest - it'll pay off, promise.
Well, back to work for me - I truly hope your 2014 is going GREAT.
October - fingers crossed - coming soon.
"Dedicated To Your Success..." 
Steven Odette Owner of Rapid Member Pro 
  Warmest Regards,  

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  Steve Odette 
  Rapid Member Pro 
About the Author: Steven J. Odette is an in-demand copywriter and business coach who specializes in helping his clients improve sales letter conversions and set-up Fixed Term Membership sites using his very cool membership software and affiliate program management systems; Rapid Member Pro and Rapid Residual Pro. Check them out by going to; www.rapidmemberpro.com and  www.rapidresidualpro.com now!  

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