Nothing is Ever Easy


"Nothing is ever easy."

So quit trying to look for the easy button or the shortcuts - just do the work.

Much of my youth I looked for the easy button.  Always trying to find the shortcuts and ALWAYS discovering that taking the shortcuts meant going back to the beginning and starting again - usually, from behind.  

If I had just paid more attention to the goals and less time looking for the easy way to obtain them, I'd have been much more successful, much wealthier, much happier and more fulfilled over the years.

Late in life, after losing everything a couple of times and learning so much about relationships, partnerships and humanity as a whole I made several important observations.

People, in general, like to follow and don't do much of their own thinking.  In fact, most people don't even realize they don't think, they just pretend.

Conformity is a fact most people just can't escape.  Helping others find uniqueness and originality is very hard because it usually means helping them "unconform." 

Self Reliance is the most valuable skill successful people possess.  The successful people I know all work for what they have and can't help themselves in this regard.

Truth is, you only live once so you better be doing with your life what you want, when you want, how you want, if you want and with whom you choose.  If you are not, you have learned that most of your life is not in your control and until it is, you'll be at the whim and will of others.

Nothing is ever easy... but everything worth living for is worth doing the hard work to have, obtain, achieve or experience.  

You get to choose.  You get to decide what is important to you and then, once you make up your mind, you must decide to do the work, make the effort, sweat and bleed in order to reach your goals.

Ignore everyone else... just do with your life what you choose.  What you can.  What you want.  Live your life your way and do it now, before it's too late.

Every day is a beautiful, messed up, joyful, painful, pleasurable, hurtful, rewarding, learning, loving, and a million other adjectives, experience - live it to the full.

If you want to be an entrepreneur quit waiting for approval from others - get off your ass and start now.  You may fail - a lot.  You may be embarrassed, you may end up broke, you could possibly lose relationships, material possessions and sleep - but in the end you'll be doing what you choose and not what someone else chooses for you.

Choose your own life. 

Live it.

Nothing is ever easy but some things are just worth all of the hard work, trials, sacrifices and compromises required to succeed.  Never give up on your dreams or yourself.  Move forward... always forward, never back.  Do this moment right now 110%... don't waste it. 

Life is too short but a full life lived your way, no matter how long or short is better than one someone else chooses for you.

Be brave, do not be afraid, accept the hard work ahead, the pain and frustration you know is in your path and move forward - no matter what, you'll be okay and who knows - maybe happier than you've ever been in your entire life.

Nothing is ever easy but who wants easy anyway?  Just get out there and start living!




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