Success Isn't a Straight Line

The journey to success with any endeavor is rarely a straight line.
You get an idea, flesh it out using mind-mapping software like Freemind (free, my favorite brainstorming and outlining sofware), make a plan then, put on the gloves and get to work.
And then... your first pothole or bump or challenge rears it's ugly head.
What do you do?
You face the challenge, move forward, try to limit the damage. You roll with the punches and learn from the bumps, get to understand where they are so the next time you roll down that part of the path, you miss them altogether.
In Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), there is a saying: "There is no such thing as failure, only feedback." This is one of my favorite sayings and I remind myself almost weekly how important this is to any success in any part of life... my life and yours as well.
What are you working on right now?
Have you put it out into the world yet to face the big bad marketplace? 
Are you afraid of what the marketplace will say about your ideas, products, services, programs or art?
These are normal issues, the question is, are going to respond in a normal way and give up before you get started or are you going to charge forward, face the world and get your art in front of the marketplace, come what may?
Ideas are easy, the challenge is implementation, putting those visions, ideas and brush strokes on the canvas so everyone can see them.
For me, and maybe for you also, the finished product isn't the art - it's the process of painting that matters, the creation.
This isn't a great thing for business - business expects you not only to create, but to ship, to put your creation out into the marketplace and start selling, selling, selling.
I don't need the money - but, I do need to ship it, to get my art out to the world, and to let you see what we've been working so hard on creating for you.
Here's what I'll do for you if you like - soon, when we launch Rapid Member Pro, I'll be removing the 30 day trial period. We may also be limiting how many people we'll allow into the platform for the first few months and we're in discussions about maybe only opening access to the platform a few times a year so we can take extra care of everyone who is using the platform, help them get their business up, running and making profits.
This isn't a popular idea with some people who think we should open the doors to everyone forever... I'm just not so sure myself.
I'll keep you posted, but... if you would like to take a look inside of a real, live, Rapid Member Pro site, submit a Contact Us to me and I'll give you access to one of our test sites for a day so you can check out the program and what this can do for your own business.
Once we launch, however - no more trials, demos or free test runs and maybe only a waiting list for you if you aren't in our core, founding member group.
We like being small, like helping our members, like knowing everyone who is using our platform so we can help. Small communities may not break any records in launches, but it only takes one member to make a difference for a lot of people. We like that idea.
I'm still running this idea around in my head - but, as I type this, it makes more and more sense every word.
Anyway, free trial is going away soon... prices are going up from beta testing prices to live prices and maybe, just maybe, the doors won't be open very long for you to get on board.
If you have any questions, let me know. I'll take the time to talk with you over Skype or the phone to discuss your business and to see if Rapid Member Pro is a good fit for you, no strings attached, no sales pitches. Just some good business advice and chat to see if we are a good fit for each other.
For now, for me, however... I'm still arguing with people who tell me every day that it is a mistake not to launch Rapid Member Pro NOW... and, I keep telling them RMP will launch when I'm ready and not before... right now, mid January (because, we added a huge landing page system and made major improvements to the affiliate payment system, payment processors, community boards, etc. that I feel are important for you.) is our target and I believe that we'll make the date this time... if I get the emails, marketing and sales letters, etc. done by then (the application is almost ready now).
Still, let me know if you want to chat, I'm here for you. 
What do you feel about my idea of making Rapid Member Pro exclusive and limited?
I think the idea of remaining small enough to care and help each user is a solid idea - but hey, I still don't own a cell phone, so what do I know, right?
"Dedicated To Your Success..." 
Steven Odette Owner of Rapid Member Pro   
  Warmest Regards,  
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  Steve Odette
  Rapid Member Pro 
About the Author: Steven J. Odette is an in-demand copywriter and business coach who specializes in helping his clients improve sales letter conversions and set-up Membership sites using his very cool membership software and affiliate program management system; Rapid Member Pro. Check it out by going to; now!  
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