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Life doesn't owe you a good day, flawless relationships, adversity free businesses or lives... however, knowing and accepting this fact makes life much better because...

Solution focused thinking gets you through adversity, problem focused thinking only helps you to clarify the obvious and entrench it in your reality.

In other words - "Shit happens, expect it and deal with it."

Our launch was put off three times just in the last two weeks alone!  Why?

Rapid Member Pro's platform is rockin', rollin' and righteous, our marketing materials are amazing, follow up emails for launches for affiliates are robust and we have a team of customer service folks waiting in the wings to help.

And then...

A third party system with third party systems - breaks.

We use a very reputable cloud hosting service to host Rapid Member Pro - in fact, we have half a dozen servers crushing our code 24/7, set up in magic clusters that backup the backups and secure the data, serve the code on a silver platter and make Rapid Member Pro sing in harmony with the known world.

Again, what I mean is - we pay a lot of money and have incredible hosting with a great hosting company. However, like stated in the very beginning of this article - life has a way of humbling you, luring you into a false sense of thinking you actually have any control over anything. You don't. Not really.

Here is what happened over the holidays to our hosting service... https://blog.linode.com/.  Then, during our launch we had an IP address magically disappear - reaping havoc on our websites and again, today, additional issues:

From Linode... 


  • Identified - We've identified the cause of this issue as routing inconsistencies with our Atlanta transit provider's network. Our Network Operations team is working as quickly as possible to restore connectivity in Atlanta. We're very sorry for the inconvenience this is causing you. Feb 2, 17:31 
  • UTCInvestigating - We are aware of connectivity issues to Linodes in our Atlanta datacenter and are currently investigating. Feb 2, 16:44 UTC


Even the best laid plans can get lost on the interweb highways of life.  Alas, we roll with the punches, move forward and all is well and fine.  How? 

Well, because of what Abraham Lincoln said... "Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other." 

And, we resolve to succeed.

Life tosses crap at you and, sometimes, you get hit. Take a shower, clean yourself off and move forward, ever forward. This is what successful people do. Expect that sometimes things will not go as planned and prepare accordingly, learn from mistakes, fix what can be fixed and adjust.

If you were affected by our recent outages, please accept our most humble apology. No data was lost, no code was affected, your websites stayed safe and sound while our host got things back up and running smoothly again. 

Even Amazon crashed last year - nobody is perfectly immune to these things the goal is not to expect they never happen, but to prepare for when they do. We were prepared, Rapid Member Pro is ready for these things, backups to the backups, remember? 

Anyway, our launch is  back up and running smoothly - thank you to everyone who is promoting us and helping lead the way for many folks to gain all the advantages and benefits of this powerful platform.

We're looking forward to working with you if you are an affiliate or a member and thank you for trusting our SaaS platform. We're looking out for you, keeping our end right and tight and prepared for adversity when she comes to visit (she makes her rounds and gets to everyone, eventually).

Much love fans... 

Be well, chin up, keep focused forward... ever forward.

Life happens - make the very best of it you can!

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