Frequently Asked Questions

Below, you can review some of the questions you've asked us about Rapid Member Pro... enjoy!
+  What is Rapid Member Pro? 

If you are looking for a system that has everything you want in one place to build your website, blog, membership sites or online business, Rapid Member Pro is your solution.  

Rapid Member Pro is an easy to use, complete, all-in-one, hosted, website publishing, affiliate management, media publishing (videos, audios, downloads), membership site, marketing, SEO, blogging, education, coaching, marketplace, reporting and online sales platform... and so much more.  

I know it sounds like a lot... we've spent so much time and money creating this powerful, complete business system for you.  

Rapid Member Pro also has the added ability to grow infinitely as the internet and technology evolves.  You don't need anything else to build your online business - it's all here for you.

What Rapid Member Pro doesn't yet have, it will... the core program is built on a powerful framework with expandable, secure, lightening fast cloudfront hosting that allows Rapid Member Pro to add new features and change as fast as the technology of the internet.  And, because we use the system too, we understand the need to have a platform that evolves with these changes and your needs - rapidly, very rapidly.


+  Who can benefit from using the Rapid Member Pro Platform? 

Rapid Member Pro is for you if you are... a beginner or an advanced marketer, business owner, coach, educator or blogger looking for a secure, easy to use, all-in-one, hosted, online business building platform.  

No "Frankensites" here - you don't need to plugin or add-on anything because everything you need is already included and we're adding new features every month.  

Building an online business, successful blog, popular and profitable membership site or online business isn't easy... no matter what anyone tells you.  It's hard work to create products, content, sales copy, graphics, etc. but... if all you have to focus on is creating content and marketing and if you don't need to be a technology wizard or know HTML, CSS, JAVA, or any other programming mess, think about how much faster you'll be able to get your ideas to market and profits to your bank account.  That's what Rapid Member Pro does for you - helps you focus on what's important and does the heavy lifting for you.  

Also, consider how much more successful you'll be if all you need to worry about are your products, services and marketing and not how you are going to deliver these to the world?  

So, this platform is for you if
you are tired of all the mess and frustration and you are ready to get serious about building a profitable online business - not just another pretty website.


+  Why is using a hosted platform better than using stand-alone software... or is it? 

We started our online software business building the #1 rated install-able online membership site software Rapid Residual Pro.  


I was personally tired of trying to plugin, add-on, customize, tie together and manage multiple systems for myself and for my many clients - it was a nightmare just to create a simple membership website (a "Frankensite!" I call them because you have to put the monsters together with duct-tape, glue a lot of virtual nuts and bolts and many 'pieces and parts!')!  

I also didn't want to have any monthly fees  (which is not even possible online because no matter what you still have monthly fees for hosting, Amazon, autoresponders or SOMETHING!) so, we created Rapid Residual Pro.

Over the years, we've learned a LOT about software and the truth about creating, managing and updating install-able software - wow, what a journey it's been.  Self-hosted software doesn't have any fees, true, but hosting can be very frustrating (finding hosts that allow you to install 3rd party software as robust as our application), the software has limitations in features and use because, guess what?  

Every host is different!  

Some hosting companies won't allow the email programs to work, some won't let PHP programs be installed at all, others limit file permissions breaking the software or limiting it's functionality and worst of all.... when you have a thousand websites using your software and you want to update them - EVERY WEBSITE NEEDS TO BE MANUALLY UPDATED BY SOMEONE!  Plus, technology really put a lot of people out of the game before they ever get started, especially the templates, HTML, CSS and graphics needs for most websites when inexperienced users want to customize or create their own themes but have no idea how.  

Sure, there are benefits to self-hosted solutions but in the end and through many years of experience, we've seen the light and understand that what users like you want is a platform that automatically updates when new features or security updates happen.  You want a system that can be customized that has unlimited development potential to do pretty much anything you want creatively with your website.  You want a platform that is managed for you so you can focus on building your business and you want a program to build your sites with that is fast to create, secure, easy to learn, simple to manage, understand, use and afford.  

In our experience, there are so many advantages to using hosted solutions like Rapid Member Pro that far out-weigh the disadvantages people THINK exist, like the monthly fees.  In the end, it's up to you which solution you prefer, we offer both, but personally, I'm now a believer in the hosted solution and I'll be using Rapid Member Pro on more and more of my and my client's websites in the future.  


+  Who should not invest in a hosted membership site or CMS system like Rapid Member Pro? 

"Folks who don't have the time, ideas, patience, persistence or resources to create the content, do the marketing or do the work so they can generate a positive profit or make a significant difference."  

I know that sounds harsh but the truth is just owning a website doesn't guarantee any income at all... like any business, you have to have a website that is appealing to your target audience, you have to know who your target audience is and you really need to "Market, Market, Market" your business online to generate any significant income or make any meaningful impact at all.  

Maybe income isn't your priority - bloggers or folks who run non-profit business ideas online will find that Rapid Member Pro is perfect for you - however - even nonprofit businesses and idea virus bloggers must spend time, effort and money creating content that connects and marketing that puts their programs, thoughts and ideas in front of their audience, right? 

Rapid Member Pro is a serious platform for bloggers, membership site owners, educators, coaches and entrepreneurs who want to get their ideas and words out there, who want a fun, easy to learn, fast, flexible, secure, complete, well thought out and intuitive system for success - not an online toy.

If you understand that success requires
work, effort, investment, time and persistence... if you are tired of trying to piece all the parts together for your serious online business and ideas... if you want a system that evolves with the changing needs of the internet and you are ready to move forward, stop spinning your virtual wheels and spending all of your time and money building what Rapid Member Pro already has ready to use in about 5 minutes - then, Rapid Member Pro is for you.  

If you think that building an online business is as easy as buying a lottery ticket, this powerful platform probably isn't for you.


+  What themes and templates come with RMP and can I customize or create my own? 

Over the years one of the biggest requests you've had for us is that you want incredible, flexible, beautiful, pre-done, customizable themes and templates.  This is NOT as easy to create as you may think!  However, we've laid the foundation and now, Rapid Member Pro comes with a growing selection of professional responsive themes and templates you can use for your website, each with many different pages, options, colors, etc. that you can select from to make them unique for your site, all you do is add a logo (or, if you prefer, just use a text logo and tagline).  

Your own Landing Page System built into Rapid Member Pro?  Yes!  Included in Rapid Member Pro is a brand new landing page/squeeze page system for you to use!   A robust, growing, selection of pre-done, customizable, tested and proven, squeeze pages, thank you pages, sales letter templates, opt-in pages, webinar signup pages and more are ready for you to use inside and we're adding more of these professionally done templates and themes for you every month - we've got some incredible plans for this part of Rapid Member Pro moving forward!  

You no longer need a graphic designer for anything but a logo for your site - everything you want is included inside for you.  Soon, we also hope to have a theme development site where you'll be able to design and even sell your own Rapid Member Pro themes if you like (we'll keep you posted)!


+  Does Rapid Member Pro have it's own autoresponder system? 

Currently you can integrate your Rapid Member Pro sites with many 3rd party autoresponder programs like; aWeber, GetResponse, arpReach, SendReach, iContact, ConstantContact, etc. and we're adding more all the time.  

We are also building an autoresponder application into Rapid Member Pro that you can use with your SMTP services! You'll have the ability to send e-mails, campaigns, blasts, etc. to your customers, members and clients.  

So, the answer is YES, we absolutely have you covered and... we're also making it even better.  All you need is an SMTP system to send your emails or a 3rd party autoresponder system to integrate with and you're good to go!

Also, all of your system emails are already built into Rapid Member Pro, ready for you to customize and use.  All you need to do is add and confirm your SMTP settings and your site e-mails are ready to go!
+  What payment processors, marketplaces and shopping carts does RMP integrate with? 


PayPal Express Checkout 
JVZoo and

... are fully integrated with Rapid Member Pro.  

We are adding more payment processors like InfusionSoft and 2CheckOut and we're even considering the possibility of setting up a BitCoin integration (Stripe already has a BitCoin system built into their program!).  

If you have a system you'd like us to consider, please let us know!


+  What affiliate programs are included in Rapid Member Pro? 

Rapid Member Pro has several affiliate programs built into the system for you to use PLUS you can also create, with the click of a button and a few simple edits of your products (our proprietary "Clone" system), ClickBank, JVZoo, and soon 2CheckOut, etc. products for each and every one of your products, programs or services.  

You can have your products in many marketplaces and all managed in one admin system and place, Rapid Member Pro! 

In other words, you can use your own marketplaces and affiliate programs built into Rapid Member Pro AND you can use a number of top 3rd party marketplaces to get your products out there, seen by your target audience and promoted by affiliates all around the world.
We've even got a full PayPal bulk payments system for paying and tracking payments to affiliates for you to use, built right into your website!

In any event, we've got you covered if you want to build an affiliate army for your business online.


+  What kind of guarantees do you provide for users? 

Rapid Member Pro comes with a 30 day, no risk-no questions, 100% money back guarantee, all risk on us.  We believe in our software so much that we want you to make certain that you and Rapid Member Pro are a great fit for each other!  

We also guarantee that we are now and will continue to develop this application and make it the best it can be for you, always looking for new, advanced, valuable features and listening to your feedback, wants, and feature requests because we are only as good as you say, only as good as your experience and success with Rapid Member Pro.  We are not here to sell you software, we're here to give you a true business solution and grow along with your success.

We want your business today, tomorrow and for as long as we can help you succeed - so we guarantee to care more than our competitors about your success and your business for as long as you let us have this privilege.  


+  Do you have user manuals, videos, training, guides, etc. to help me use Rapid Member Pro? 

Yes. We have some of the most thorough user guides and videos available for you - you bet.  

However, we'll be adjusting these, adding new features, listening to your feedback and enhancing the application for you - so - we will have basic information for you to begin and we're working on more training materials - INCLUDING LIVE TRAINING ON A REGULAR BASIS for you and YES, Rapid Member Pro is not only one of the most intuitive programs to use out of the box but we have some of the best training materials you'll find anywhere - and,we're available to help you if you get stuck or have questions.  

We WANT you to succeed and we're here to help.  OH... and, we now have a private user community (Full Forum!) where you'll be able to help each other grow!


+  How expensive are plugins, add-ons, etc. and can I develop my own? 

If you are a Rapid Member Pro user, the RMP developed plugins and add-ons are FREE, included, part of the system, gratis, etc.  In other words - RMP is yours and so are all the features that come with it.  

Part of your monthly fee go toward development of new themes, templates and features so as we add these to the core system, you get them. 

However, we may some day have a way you and other developers will be able to sell custom themes, templates and plugins for Rapid Member Pro that you create.  These plugins, add-ons, themes and templates would not be part of the RMP system or membership of course, members would need to purchase these from the creators, likely from our own marketplace but possibly from their personal sites also.  

+  Does Rapid Member Pro work with WordPress? 

No, Rapid Member Pro actually has a blogging system built right into the platform that we feel is every bit as good as WordPress - and we're adding new enhancements and features to the blogging platform regularly to make it the absolute best for you we possibly can... we've been told the Rapid Member Pro blogging platform is a real game changer and we can't wait to get your feedback on this as well!

However, you can still create a simple LINK to your existing WordPress or any other blog if you like, using the very easy to use Menu Manager inside of your Rapid Member Pro admin.  

Chances are, however, once you see the Rapid Member Pro blogging system and understand what's coming to this platform very soon - you'll no longer want or need the myriad of security, plugin and add-on headaches that come with using an open source system and managing your own software, hosting, etc..
+  Tell me about the blogging system in Rapid Member Pro... 

Simple, easy to use, SEO powerful, easy to navigate and create posts plus you get:  

A complete static page creation system with your blogging system!  Custom tags, keywords and SEO, a full blown moderation system, one of the best online editors money can buy, Search Engine Friendly links, integration with our amazing Media Manager system to make adding videos, audios or even downloads easy for your blog posts and pages, powerful CAPTCHA form protection, follow-me system for post and page readers, RSS feeds, reply threading, incredible theme system with a growing arsenal of beautiful, responsive, themes to choose from with many features, pages and options as well.  

User say it's the best blogging system they've ever used and one of the simplest to understand... we agree. 

And, when you see the widgets and other enhancements we have coming soon, you'll be blown away with the blogging power you have at your fingertips, and so much more, with Rapid Member Pro. 
+  What kind of SEO is built into Rapid Member Pro's platform? 

Search Engine Friendly page links and every single page or post has it's very own customization ready SEO settings, keywords, tags, meta-data, etc.

SEO is a huge priority for Rapid Member Pro.

The added integration with the free social media icons site may not directly be SEO but the additional traffic you can generate using this cool-tool can help increase your market reach for certain.  

We also include conversions and traffic reporting - know where your traffic comes from to what browsers and devices people are accessing your site with to help you get a very clear picture of your target audience so you can increase your traffic and conversions.
+  What kind of technical skill do I need to work with Rapid Member Pro? 

Very little TECHNICAL skill is needed to own and run a Rapid Member Pro website.

You do need to know how to create your own content (write, create videos, audios, short reports, etc.) which you have to be able to do, get help doing or buy no matter what platform you use to publish your websites.  

You do not need to have HTML, CSS or programming skills to use Rapid Member Pro and we're always looking for ways to make the system easier to use and more intuitive for you.  

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced internet marketer or business owner, you'll find Rapid Member Pro to be very user friendly, especially after a few days of getting familiar with the layout, options and myriad of features at your finger tips.  

All new, unfamiliar, software like Rapid Member Pro requires you to learn, get familiar, and become comfortable with how the systems work - but - with Rapid Member Pro it's a short getting familiar phase and we'll help you the best we can so you can get past the learning and focus on building your business and growing your income.  After all, this is one of the primary reasons we created Rapid Member Pro in the first place!
+  What is the "Media Manager" in Rapid Member Pro and how does this work? 

Once you tie your Amazon S3 account to your Rapid Member Pro hosted website... you own one of the most powerful media management systems available anywhere.

The Media Manager in Rapid Member Pro is a powerful video, audio and download management system that lets you eliminate the need for any HTML, CSS or programming code to get videos, audios or downloads working for you on your websites.  This is also an incredible system for managing all of your media content!  

Imagine simply clicking a button to upload your new video, selecting some simple settings and then getting a simple token like {{ video1}} and wherever you paste this code on your website, your video, audio or download shows up with the exact settings, buttons, player colors and features you want.  

Easy, Simple, Powerful.  

This is one system that users of our self-hosted Rapid Residual Pro software LOVE and we get so much positive feedback from users asking "why didn't someone think of this sooner?"
+  Do you have an affiliate program? 

YES!  In fact, we will soon be offering Rapid Member Pro in multiple marketplaces like (ClickBank and JV Zoo) sites with multiple affiliate programs.  

From our own, in house affiliate program (PayPal Express Checkout, traditional affiliate management system) to ClickBank and JVZoo and others coming soon (DealGuardian, 2CheckOut, Stripe, Skrill, etc.)... we've got you covered.  

We currently only offer the ability to promote Rapid Member Pro to existing members of Rapid Member Pro and several JV Partners who've been waiting for a long time for us to launch this platform, but if you would like to promote RMP let me know and I'll forward a link for you to review our affiliate program and apply.  

We also have a Product Partner, JV Partner and Site Partner system as well... more on that later!

If you have questions or need more information, send me an email through our Contact Us page and I'll get back with you quickly.  If the questions are asked by enough folks, I'll post them here for you.

Thank you for the great questions, let me know how I may be of service.
"Dedicated To Your Success..." 
Steven Odette Owner of Rapid Member Pro 
 Warmest Regards,
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