Everything You Want for Creating Courses, Coaching Programs and Selling Digital Products Online...

Sell digital products, create courses, run your own coaching programs, create your own membership websites  or open your own store selling digital products, programs or services online...

"There is no easy button... if anyone tells you different, they are not being honest.  The most important thing is to just begin, take baby steps one at a time if you have to but, get started.  Sometimes the only shortcut is to take the long way... just get moving."                             
                                                                    Steve Odette, Rapid Member Pro

  • Everything you need

    All the tools you need to succeed online with your own courses, digital products, community forum, coaching programs and more.

  • one place to manage it all...

    Set up your domain, connect all of your critical services, manage everything from one central platform.
  • unlimited everything

    You get full access to everything the only limitations are how many domains you want to create and your own imagination on how to use this powerful platform.

Want to set up a website or online business?  If you are tired, frustrated, scared or intimidated guess what?  You are not alone.  Fact is,  course creation, internet marketing, and starting and running an online business can be very challenging.  Still, if you have the right tools and support, you can have massive success online... Rapid Member Pro can help.

Rapid Member Pro Makes online business easier

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If you want to get your business online without breaking the bank... If you want to get your website up and making money quickly and you're ready to get the help you need, you're in the right place.

Get everything you need and have your business up and running in days.  Stop spinning your wheels looking at dozens of different solutions and just get started building your own online business now.

  • one place to manage everything... simple

    Everything you need for your online success in one place so you don't get dizzy with frustration trying to manage everything.  One place to manage everything... perfect.

  • fully integrated business system saves you $$

    "Build the best... Integrate the rest."  Rapid Member Pro is the hub, the center, of your business.  Connect your Amazon S3, Google Suite for email, Autoresponder and Payment processors one time and you have a business more powerful - and less expensive - than ANY other solution on the internet today.

  • a community to help you grow

    We have outstanding support and will help you any way we can and, as Rapid Member Pro grows, the forum community inside of your member area will grow with others who can help you as well.  We know our tribe will be amazing... come join us.

Why Rapid Member Pro?

rapid learning curve

Like riding a bicycle, you'll want to take some time to understand how to use everything.  Want videos, user guides, help desk, forum and live training? Done.

Quick Setup

In fact, your entire website: forum, blog, static pages, coaching system, media manager, etc. is set up in minutes.  Next... connect services and add content.

Responsive themes and pages

Even 95% of your admin control panel is responsive and mobile friendly.  The drag and drop content builder creates all responsive pages for you, 1-2-3 easy.

fast and secure

We manage your hosting so you can focus on your business - blazing fast, secure servers, our cloud clusters provide you with speed, security and reliability.

free ssl & added security

One word: CloudFlare.  As CloudFlare approved partners you get FREE SSL and added protection for your business plus the ability to get more when you want.

Integrated Services?

Google Suite and Analytics, Amazon S3 and CloudFront, PayPal, Stripe, Authorize.net, ClickBank, aWeber, GetResponse, Cloudflare and more...

a complete coaching system

Life coach? Business coach? Consultant? We've got you covered with our proprietary coaching system.  Built by a coach for coaches, for your success.

manage your audios & videos...

No more frustrating code, HTML or CSS to add videos, audios or downloads to your website.  Create a token, paste it anywhere - there is your video, audio or download.

blog, forum, easy pages.... 

Register your domain, immediately get your own website with forum, blog and a drag and drop content builder to help you create content - easy, simple, fast.

Landing Pages - included!

A growing collection of landing pages, squeeze pages, sales letter templates, thank you pages, launch video pages, book offer templates, etc. all included FREE.

your amazon

We host your website but you host your own videos, audios, files, images in your own Amazon account. You control your own files from day one, not us.

support, help and care

Your success is our success - we provide help videos, user guides, a growing user forum, a managed help desk and the most important thing we can offer - we care.

complete product creation

No guessing what you need to set up your courses, digital products, programs or services - everything is follow the steps simple and nothing is left out.

courses and lessons

Create your courses, lessons and materials then simply connect them to any product.  You can use the same courses and lessons in multiple products if you like.

drip feed, give it all or... quizzes!

Create any type of product you like and give access to your content by drip feeding lessons, giving all your content access at one time or creating quizzes for access!

quiz system for lessons

Imagine adding a quiz to a lesson page that members must pass before being able to access their next lesson - now, it's possible because we've built this for you.

Built-In affiliate program

You get a complete, built in, affiliate program with robust, transparent reporting system and payment tracking program including PayPal bulk payments!

Complete reporting system

Sales reports, conversion reports, page view reports, affiliate reports, orders tracking, member reports, recurring orders records, login records and more...

How it Works


enroll & register

Create your membership today, register your domain and change a few settings at your domain registrar to point to your new website hosted on our system.


Connect & Customize

Ten steps get's your entire business setup and ready for you to add courses, products, programs and services for sale.  Get set up in hours, not months.


add your content

Add blog posts, pages, products for sale, videos, audios and downloads, create landing pages, squeeze pages and member area pages, build it your way.


market, market, market!

Once you've got your business set up on Rapid Member Pro start marketing!  The hard part is done, simply keep telling others about your great programs... 

take the tour

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WHO Rapid Member Pro ISn't FOR...

If you've read this far and you're still here then before you go any further let's talk about who this amazing platform is not for:

  • Anyone who is looking for a "do no work" solution to success. That is a unicorn, it doesn't exist in the real world - not even here.
  • People not willing to put in the time to get the results.  "Easy" seldom produces great results - doing the hard work often does.
  • Folks not willing to let go of old, outdated, no longer practical ways of doing things who are unwilling to discover a better way.  Truth is business online is evolving - you don't need all the latest gadgets and garbage to succeed but you have to have the foundations, the things that matter most - those never change and RMP is exactly what you want.

Invest per month or a year at a time...

Why is RMP less expensive than other programs?  Simple, because our platform integrates third party services like Amazon S3, aWeber or GetResponse, Google Suites for your email, PayPal or Stripe and other services we can charge you much, much less for a whole lot more!  Select a membership that is best for you below and let us prove it to you... 


$ 27
Billed Monthly
  • 2 Domains
  • Full System Access - No Limits
  • Unlimited Members, Products, Admins...
  • Your Own Private Domains
  • Premium Themes & Pages Access
  • 24/7 Customer Support


Billed Monthly
  • 20 Domains
  • Full System Access - No Limits
  • Unlimited Members, Products, Admins...
  • Your Own Private Domains
  • Premium Themes & Pages Access
  • 24/7 Customer Support


Why is RMP less expensive than other programs?  Simple, because our platform integrates third party services like Amazon S3, aWeber or GetResponse, Google Suites for your email, PayPal or Stripe and other services we can charge you much, much less for a whole lot more!  Select a membership that is best for you below and let us prove it to you... 


$ 297
Billed Annually
  • 2 Domains
  • Full System Access - No Limits
  • Unlimited Members, Products, Admins...
  • Your Own Private Domains
  • Premium Themes & Pages Access
  • 24/7 Customer Support


$ 1570
Billed Annually
  • 20 Domains
  • Full System Access - No Limits
  • Unlimited Members, Products, Admins...
  • Your Own Private Domains
  • Premium Themes & Pages Access
  • 24/7 Customer Support

  • Steve has a way of seeing things that can really help you get your head out of the clouds and back down to earth.  Direct, sometimes gruff, often contrarian, very passionate, probably has one of the biggest hearts in IM, cares more than most coaches or gurus about your success and works his ass off to help you.  For a private guy who doesn't like being in public, he's got one hell of a way of bringing out the best in you, even if he feels compelled to get you very, very angry in the process of discovering yourself.  All of this makes me glad he's on my team and is my friend.

    David Lugo, Entrepreneur & Friend
  • When I first logged into this platform my head felt like it was going to explode, there is so much inside, so many features, so much information to take in!  And, getting it set up, configuring the API's and Google Apps, etc. made me almost cry because I am NOT technical.  However, the team helped me whenever I asked and even the lead developers got on Skype with me when I had questions and now, I'm so glad I use Rapid Member Pro to run my businesses, I can't imagine doing my websites any other way ever again.  Just one of our sites has 5,000 videos served to thousands of members every day - flawlessly.  Do I recommend RMP? Absolutely, without question.

    Rachael Khoo, Right Brain Education Library
  • “If you are tired, like me, of having multiple different softwares and monthly fees to run different aspects of your business then Rapid Member Pro is for you. Everything just works seamlessly together.And when you invest in RMP, you don’t just get the software. You also get the support of the whole team behind it. I have never met a more helpful and responsive support, seriously.It’s mind-boggling how other softwares on the market charge so much more while providing so much less.”

    Haoting Chao, Veterinarian & Internet Entrepreneur 
  • When I watched the video I didn't know if I should believe what it said.  Still, I purchased RMP because I am so fed up with WordPress and want a solution that saves me time, grows with my business and doesn't make me want to throw my computer out the window (like the video!).  My first week I wasn't sure I had made the right choice. My second and third weeks - I knew I struck gold. Keep up the good work Rapid Member Pro is already the best software I've ever used and my business is way ahead of what took me over a year to build with WordPress in only a month!

    Brian Sexson, Internet Marketer

100% Rapid Risk-Free Guarantee!  Let us take the risk... use Rapid Member Pro for 30 days, get your business set up, learn how to get around, get familiar and fall in love with Rapid Member Pro and if you are not happy for any reason, get your money back, no questions asked.

our risk-free guarantee...

Invest in Rapid Member Pro if you are looking for a solution that makes setting up and running your online business so much easier, better and less frustrating.  Know that your investment is 100% guaranteed for the first 30 days, no questions asked:

  • If you get inside, look around, decide having a successful business online is too much work - no problem. We understand that being an entrepreneur isn't for everyone, just remember that there is no easy button - easy is a unicorn - success takes effort but we've got your back with 100% no questions asked guarantee regardless.
  • If you don't feel that Rapid Member Pro is so much better than what we are sharing with you here today... we'll give your money back, a full refund for your first month, no questions asked.
  • If your partner leaves you, your dog ate your homework, your children have run off and joined a wandering band of gypsies, you've decided to roam the country on a motorcycle and leave all technology at home (we're jealous), or any other reason, we've got your back with a 100% money back guarantee. The risk is ours, but, before you quit on your dreams, get inside and let Rapid Member Pro have the opportunity to pay for your gas as you ride your motorcycle around the countryside.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started?

Select the personal, professional or enterprise package today, log into your member's area, register your domain, take some time to watch the videos and learn how to get around, start adding content, that's it.

What are the requirements?

A good business idea, product, program or service to offer plus; Amazon S3, a Google Suite Account, your favorite autoresponder like aWeber or GetResponse, PayPal, Stripe, Authorize.net, JV Zoo or ClickBank, Cloudflare and the willingness to succeed.

Are there video tutorials and user guides?

Absolutely, and a brand new forum, live training, support staff to help you and on every page in your website's admin panel a help button and links to get more information and step-by-step help than you'll need.  Most users only need help the first week or two, if at all, because the user interface is really intuitive and easy to use once you get familiar with the platform.

Is all of this difficult to learn?

No... but getting started does take, like anything new, a little time to learn.  There are plenty of videos and help pages for you inside.  If you prefer, you can have us help you get everything set up with you for a small fee and if you want more assistance, you can invest in a coaching program and we'll help you get your business set up, online and running smoothly.

How long does it take to get my website built?

That's a big question and really depends on the time you put into your business.  However, registering your domain and changing your name servers takes about 10 minutes - at that time, your entire website; forum, blog, coaching board, contact us page, entire platform backend, etc. is completely built for you - all you need to do is log into your admin, configure your 3rd party services (takes anywhere from an hour to a few hours - we can help or do most of this for you if you like), and add your content like blogs, pages, courses and products. You could be up and running as quickly as a few days or it could take you longer.  I give myself between 4 and 12 weeks to get a site set up personally - spending an hour or three a day online.

I'm a beginner, new to the internet, can I use RMP?

Yes. In fact you are perfect for building an online business using the RMP platform. Is there a learning curve… sure. RMP is a powerful tool that allows you to manage all of the necessary parts of a successful internet marketing business. This system is, in our opinion, the most powerful internet marketing platform on the planet. Let us help you create the foundation to your business success the right way the first time and help you save time, money and a whole lot of unnecessary frustration doing things the old way. Click the button below and get started with Rapid Member Pro today.

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